Swype keyboard Gets Update: Now Sync Your Lingo Across Devices

Nuance Communications Inc has released a new version (v1.3) of its Swype keboard that is capable of taking back-up and sync your personal dictionary across multiple devices. The software now features three different tablet keyboards, updated dictionary and ‘hotwords’. In addition, it also offers various fun themes for your keyboards. swype-keyboard Android texting application just got a little smarter. It is now offering more text-input choice that is capable of deducing a user’s personal language style. It also gives a fantastic fast, flexible and precise experience. Nuance Communications acquired the Swype last year and rolled out some interesting features including “trending hotwords”. The most interesting, however its Backup & Sync feature, so that it can work across multiple smartphones and tablets exclusive of iOS. Amongst other features is word prediction where Swype integrate the words in a way so as to build on historical usage, assembling each word a user enters in emails, texts and other posts. Michael Thompson, Nuance Mobile executive vice president and general manager said in a statement that new Swype will help users to use their keyboards in every way, adapting to the user’s personal way of communication. Even Swype’s 55 lanugage downloads enable users to send message across the globe in the language they can communicate. Swype is not accessible via Google Play for Android, it is already pre-loaded on devices. Or you can download from Swype website or via an SDK for other OS.

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