Swipe Fablet F1 First Impression

The Swipe Fablet fits into the large screen category with its long and thick dimension that sports a classy appeal in a unique manner. The Android smartphone is appreciated for its large screen that would make public come under the impression of an expensive phone being launched, but to anybody’s amazement the phone is actually reasonable at Rs 9,490. Swipe-Fablet-F1-price-in-India-image The Swipe Fablet F1 is a miniature version of the Samsung Galaxy Note with a 5-inch screen. Although the Fablet is one the heavier side it’s not too heavy in a bag. The design is an appealing factor to cater to varied tastes of black finish with dark chrome on the borders. The rear has a supreme matte-finish. The appealing factor of the front is the supreme quality 5-inch LCD display panel with single Home button. The Menu and Back buttons sport a modern and tasteful black colour and are fitted on both sides of the Home button. To allow flexible usage there is a camera on top for video chats which also increases the appeal aspects of the phone. To provide an overview on the entire make of the phone, on the left there is a volume rocker and the right houses the power/standby button. On the top there is a micro USB PC interface and earphone jack. The rear is inserted with main shooter with LED flash and speaker grille. The overall chassis is of robust build. The user has to be pretty cautious when opening the rear which when handled roughly, the rear phone components can be damaged. There are other interesting features, the LCD is offered with screen guard which prevents the user from taking the trouble to buy one later. The F1 has a decent dimension of 11.4mm with a height of 145mm and width of 80mm and weight of 216g. In terms of performance the Fablet F1 scored well with respect to speed. In the An Tu Tu and Quadrant segment the phone scored 4890 and 2635 respectively and 23.5 fps in NenaMark 2 segment and 35.19 in multi-thread tests. The Swipe Fablet F1 is a worthy buy for those who yearn for a budgeted phone with excellent screen resolution and optimum versatility. This phone can be lots of fun with its powerful camera technology to capture stunning images.

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