Swiftkey for Android upgraded to v3.1

Swiftkey users will now be able to use Hindi language as well on their Android devices.This comes as a part of v3.1 upgrades for Android platform which now enables the keyboard to support more languages. With Hindi language update, SwiftKey now supports 54 languages in total.

SwiftKey provides keyboard services for Android. The update to v3.1 will provide the users a new Berry theme.It will also offer a split keyboard option to customize the keyboard as per the size of the device.

In order to provide a user friendly experience SwiftKey offers predictive text option where it predicts the word with the help of initial characters and letters so that the user does not have to type the full word. It also keeps on correcting spelling errors automatically.

The updated version of SwiftKey is available at a discounted price of 50% as a part of limited offer. With the Christmas and holiday season coming in SwiftKey is clearly working towards cashing in the opportunity with its innovative user friendly updates.

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