SwiftKey Flow Beta released to ease mobile-tablet typing further

Developers at SwiftKey have released a video of its new and improved version of Flow typing app for Android platform. The video highlights the features of the app that has been currently released in beta phase and is dubbed as SwiftKey Flow Beta. swiftkey flow The SwiftKey Flow Beta app facilitates input of text on Android-based tablets and smartphones without lifting fingers. SwiftKey keyboard is well accepted by power users as it offers gesture input, auto correction, word prediction as well as next word prediction. For example if one wishes to type a full sentence, then he or she will have to use the FLOW operation to swipe over the letters till the sentence is completed. Users can now experience something more out of their different keyboard layouts and themes. It is learned SwiftKey Flow may give a good competition to the yet to be released improved Google Keyboard with Android 4.x Jelly Bean update. The new SwiftKey Flow can be downloaded from swiftkey.net/flow.

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