Streaming media player Google Nexus Q launched at Google I/O

eb-google-nexus-qGoogle has made a very silent announcement about its new media streamer – Nexus Q. Google Nexus Q priced at $299 is the first self branded consumer hardware from Google. The first look at Nexus Q will make it look pretty distinctive. Google has limited the use of Nexus Q to only android devices. It seems like Google is trying to restrict the Nexus Q market only to the Google based phones. Google Nexus Q will compete with Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Apple TV and others in the media streamer market. But if we look through the Nexus Q specifications closely, then it is still a pretty weak product in this category. Nexus Q comes with a 12.5 watt/channel amplifier and ports with which you can connect it to your audio system. Nexus Q is quite odd in its look. Its 4.6 inch black orb diameter with 32 LEDs ring running all over the place is quite a radical design in which Nexus Q has come up with. “Nexus Q will shift and change color in time to your music,” Google says. Another hardcore rule attached to it is that you can’t control it with any remote control or stuff like that. You need to have Android phone or Android tablet to control it using Google Play apps. It really cut away bulk of the audience from buying it. Google has manufactured Nexus Q in USA. Let us see that how people respond to it.
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