Strange but True: Motorola Droid 2 explodes

In a bizzare incident, Motorola Droid 2 exploded near Aron Embry’s ears leading him to be hospitalized. He was talking on the phone and suddenly he heard a loud explosion and realized the blood flowing on his face…it struck him them..the phone has exploded! Strangely, it is not the battery explosion and the phone is working fine. The screen is damaged and the cause for explosion is still to be found..Motorola is investigating to find out what caused the explosion and will reach out to the affected customer. According to motorola, “Motorola’s priority is, and always has been the safety of our customers, and all Motorola products are designed, manufactured and tested to meet or exceed international and local standards for consumer safety. We will reach out to the consumer and investigate this thoroughly.”..The news about exploding gadgets would be found across many parts of the world..but these kind of incidents are scary! exploding_droid2 Video news about this incident via WFAA Image credit: Androidcentral

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