Spice Fire One Mi-FX1: frequently asked questions

“Here are the answers to the most common questions regarding the Spice Fire One”

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Firefox, as an operating system for smartphones, has been stirring the mobile phone market in India. The OS allows device makers to offer dirt-cheap smartphones for as low as Rs 1,999, translating into good value for money.

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The Spice Fire One  is the better Firefox-powered smartphone available in India, as compared to its only competition, the Intex Cloud FX (first impressions). While the key hardware specifications are basically the same, Spice’s offering is a tad spicier thanks to the presence of an LED flash and a front camera. You can get a detailed look at what’s inside the box and about its first impressions. Here, we’ve answered a few questions that may come to mind regarding the Spice Fire One.

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What exactly is Firefox OS?


The Firefox operating system is a lightweight Linux-based operating system, much similar to Android. But unlike Android, Firefox operating system is built on HTML5, wherein most of its applications are web-based, meaning they run on web servers and the device only bridges the gap between the web and the user. This is exactly the reason why Firefox OS works best in the presence of internet connectivity, and the benefits include a zippy, low-cost device that does not require loads of storage to install apps.

What specs does the Spice Fire One offer?

With the Spice Fire One, the brand offers a dual-SIM, 3.5-inch display based smartphone featuring 2.5G connectivity through both SIMs. The device is powered by a 1GHz single-core processor from Spreadtrum, complemented by 128MB of RAM. In terms of internal memory, the device offers 256MB of onboard storage capable of being expanded by an additional 4GB using a microSD card.

Can we use WhatsApp on Spice Fire One?


Yes, users of the Spice Fire One can get access to WhatsApp via the ConnectA2 app, which comes preloaded on the device. The app offers complete functionality of WhatsApp to Firefox OS devices including sending and receiving messages, emoticons, pictures, videos and audio along with the ability to create and use group chats.

What is the price of the Spice Fire One?

To buy this smartphone, you will have to shell out Rs 2,299. Intitally, the smartphone is available exclusively through Snapdeal. 

Can Spice Fire One play audio and video files?


The handset comes with an integrated audio video player that allows it to play multimedia content, which is saved either on its internal memory or on the microSD card. In addition, users can also play YouTube videos and internet radio for which several apps have already been made available on the app store.

Does Spice Fire One have Gorilla Glass?

Unfortunately, the Fire One’s display does not sport a Gorilla Glass layer. However, the manufacturer has added a glass-based scratch protection layer on the front of the device. Although not as good as Gorilla Glass, it’s certainly better than plastic-based protective layers offered by many low-cost devices.

Is the primary camera any good?

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For the price, the 1.3-megapixel primary camera with a fixed focus is at par with the devices flaunting similar price tags. The image quality offered by the camera is average, and in low light it churns out grainy shots. To help improve low-light performance the camera is supplemented by an LED flash.

Does the Spice Fire One have a front camera?

Yes, the device features a VGA-resolution front-facing camera allowing you to make video calls and for selfies as well.

Does the Spice Fire One support dual SIMs? What about the other connectivity features offered?

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The smartphone offers dual-SIM connectivity with support for 2.5G networks over the both the SIMs. It supports dual-SIM standby function, allowing users to stay connected to two networks simultaneously while allowing calling through one SIM at a time. For wireless connectivity, the Fire One offers Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi as well.

Does Spice Fire One offer a Wi-Fi hotspot feature?

Yes, the device offers Wi-Fi hotspot functionality allowing users to share their data with several other devices. In addition to Wi-Fi based data sharing, the device also allows for USB data tethering as well.

Is the Spice Fire One good for gaming?

Yes, the handset offers good gaming experience for the ones that are available. The device gets bare minimum hardware specifications, which allows it to perform well with most HTML5 applications. However for gaming, most games are web-based and the ones that are available for the device do not require much hardware prowess.

How much storage does the Spice Fire One offer?


The phone offers a total of 256MB of onboard storage, out of which nearly 85MB is available to use. However, for HTML5 apps 85MB is good enough for close to 50 to 60 lightweight apps or 20 to 30 heavier apps as well. In addition, buyers also get 4GB memory card bundled with the device for multimedia and image storage.

What accessories come bundled with the device?

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The Spice Fire One comes with all the standard accessories in the box including a wall charger, a USB cable and a stereo headset. Additionally users also get a free silicone cover for the device, which is good for protection against scratches and accidental bumps.

We’ll have more on the Spice Fire One in our full review, so watch this space. 

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