South Korea Has More Mobile Handsets Than People

South Korea now has more mobile phones than people, the Korea Communications Commission informed. There are around 50 million mobile service subscribers in the country currently, which is more than the overall population of 48.8 million, says telecoms authorities of the country. According to the officials, people are carrying multiple handsets for business purposes due to which mobile handsets have outnumbered people in South Korea. “You may say there are 1.2 million people carrying two phones, but excluding children and those with no phones, the number of multiple-phone owners could be far higher,” Choi Seong-Ho, Korea Communications Commission’s communication service policy director, told AFP. “Now mobile phones are not simply a tool to make calls and send text messages but an essential part of everyday life encompassing business, shopping and Internet searches.” The agency also said there are 3.67 million smartphone users in the country, 7.4 percent of the total.

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