Sources Info of Samsung mobile 8-inch Galaxy Note launch

Mini versions of big brothers are a smart move for successful tablet manufacturers. Scaling down the size gives room for creativity, and for packing more into less. samsung-galaxy-note-8-tablet-android-ipad-mini-620x514 News has broken out from a Korean news site that JK Shin of Samsung plans to release an 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Note which will be a midsize version of the Samsung Galaxy Note original. Targetting consumers at all levels is obviously Samsung’s plan of action, by making smartphones and tablets in every possible segment, with a variation of features.  Hence, to be delivered to us in the near future is the 8-inch Galaxy Note that may be showcased in the upcoming World Congress Event. The news channel didn’t give any details, much less specify the what will and will not feature in the new Galaxy X incher, triggering our imagination KERS button. We presume there has to be some factor that makes it more unique than just a medium size version. It could have a 1,280×800 Super Clear LCD display, with a 5-megapixel back primary camera, and about 1.3-megapixels of front facing, perhaps 2GB of RAM, and memory capacity of 16GB to 32GB provision for more and powered by a 4,600 mAh battery. Playing to all demands, and giving us practically tailor made devices is a goal well struck. However, the real profit making in terms of tons of returns could be once Samsung concentrates more on cutting edge, unprecedented breakthrough technology and good prices. We want more fancy gadgets, and futuristic technology, like foldable screens, thinner displays, power efficient batteries and gadgets that can be flexed and bent to the users liking. Samsung has the requisite know-how, corporate objective and resources to achieve this, in only a matter of time.

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