Sound Uncovered, Card Swapp, Dino Land iPhone and iPad Apps for you

We bring you three apps definitely worth downloading. One will let you experiment and learn about things audiophile have in their repertoire. The second app is useful for business purposes and organized identification. The third is a game that is great for kids who are creative and want to expand their knowledge of our lost pre-historical world of dinosaurs. Sound Uncovered iPad App Sound Uncovered is an app for iPad owners only and is free for download. It basically works as an interactive book. The main objective of the app is to teach users about sound and also to interest users with the creation of auditory illusions. Well it is an ultra cool app to say the least apart from being fun. Using Sound Uncovered you can literally enter into the world of music and sound in a very encyclopaedia time of way. With this app you can participate in simple experiments by listening to different sounds and putting your hearing to the test. This app will teach you a bit about sound in an easy to learn and interesting way. This app will be enjoyed and be useful to teachers and lovers of sound. Card Swapp is an app which is essentially a QR code reader and generator to enable easy sharing of contact information and business cards with other people. The app scans codes and derive the information within and even create it. Since QR codes can store a ton of information this makes it highly useful and minimizes the space taken up on your phone itself. Further information like emails, contact date and phone numbers can be easily swapped in a quick manner while maintaining a neat and professional outlay. The information is coded using the codes. The app works seamlessly and smoothly unlike most other business card related apps. It is a clever concept of integrating useful information which is vital and easy to circulate. Using this professional networking can be made easier. Dino Land is a free game created and developed by Andover Games and published by National Geographic. This game is an interactive and educational medium for kids to learn about dinosaurs in a fun and engaging way. Kids learn to raise and take care of dinosaurs in a prehistoric theme park. This game requires the user to manage and run the theme park like building and expanding it and improving its habitat to maintain the good health of its pre-historic creatures. The game includes visitors to the theme parks and therefore there are shops and other theme park type kiosks like in a real theme park. Players can create and raise interesting and new breeds of dinosaurs by cross-breeding them. Kids end up learning a lot too from the abundant information provided for about each dinosaur in the app. This app is specifically created for kids and even those ardent lovers of the pre-historic world. Another game on similar lines is the Jurassic Park Builder, or if the space world interests you more then try Pixel People.

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