Sony’s PlayStation Suite rebranded PlayStation Mobile, HTC signed as first OEM

The Sony’s PlayStation Suite has been now rebranded. Now it is to be called as Sony PlayStation Mobile. Yes, the name sounds good and meaningful this time. A smart move of course from the gaming and mobile giant. sony-htc-playstation-partnership At the E3 conference today Sony announced of its tie up with HTC to bring PS Suite. With this HTC becomes the first non-Sony company to manufacture PlayStation Suite for Android smartphones. Sony also announced at the E3 conference of its rebranding of PlayStation Suite. It said now it is to be promoted and branded as PlayStation Mobile across the world. Let me recall a rumor. Though Sony revealed today about its tie up with HTC for the manufacturing of PlayStation Suite for Android mobiles, but we learned earlier this year about HTC signing up for PS Suite during the build-up to MWC. However, the deal was kept in-house in Sony as well as in HTC for last few years to reveal it at the right time and on the right platform. Anyways, with the Sony-HTC deals, the HTC smartphones that are certified by PlayStation would get PlayStation games optimized for mobile devices. So far it is not revealed which HTC smartphones will be getting the PlayStation games, but probably One X and One S are the two HTC smartphones to get it first. Do give your thought in the below given comment box and let other know what we tech crazy guys want to have more in Sony-HTC deals.

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