Sony Xperia E to be relaunched with Firefox OS

Its just been 4 days after the launch of first Firefox OS based devices in Spain, the OS seems to start creating some problem for Android and Windows phone 8 OS by attacking on their well established image in smartphone market. Recent shock came for Android powered Sony Xperia E, which as per the reports, will be re- launched sooner or later but this time with Firefox OS. Firefox OS is a great deal for Sony as they don’t need to design new hardware as it’s just porting the new needs to the old device. Both Firefox and Android are free of cost operating systems so it is only the development cost which will determine the price which means may be the device will cost less. Firefox OS by Mozilla supports HTML5 based applications, which ensures that it will be very easy for developers to develop apps for Firefox phones. One most important fact is that the Firefox OS is very light and therefore it is expected that even low end phones will run smooth on it. On devices like Sony Xperia E which poses 512 MB RAM and 4GB storage with a strong processor, the performance will be effectively phenomenal. Plus a lightweight OS will be a less of concern in terms of draining the battery. As per the claims the device is ready but is in testing process and if everything goes smoothly then soon India too will be enjoying its first Firefox OS powered smartphone.

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