Sony XB800 headphones meant only big bass and nothing much

Sony is a company that definitely goes by its brand name. In the audio industry also Sony makes its presence felt in a big way. Like all other headphones from the home of Sony the XB800 is also a very hi-tech styled pair of headphones and comes under the heavy bass series from Sony. MDR-XB800 With the Extra Bass stamped on its packaging the XB800 gave the main idea very clearly from the beginning. Let us take a look at these latest offering of Sony. Design and features Although it is little less flamboyant compared to the X series, the XB800 do have a flashy look. The ear cups are layered in black enamel, with flashy lines of silver running along the circumference, with sporty small grey Sony logo in the center. The XB800’s huge ear pads are layered in black leatherette material along with thick foam for a luxurious feel. The XB800’s has 50mm drivers to belt out powerful sound. Fit and comfort The great ergonomic design of the X series is continued with the XB800. They are relatively light for their huge size and offer a comfortable fit. The foam ear pads also cushions your ears encompassing them in a luxurious feel and the headphones can be worn very comfortably foe a long period of music listening. Audio performance Paired with any mobile device, XB800 produces the same quality of music. The sound quality however contained of only humongous booming bass. The headphones’ biggest plus point turned out to be its worst as well. The bass is so loud that it overpowers all other aspects of music. The overall sound quality thus, comprised of only very loud thump. Conclusion The Sony’ XB800 headphones really does not provide a good overall sound and considering its unbalanced music quality, it does not do justice to its brand name. Thus, if you are looking for some great music that is balanced from all ends, this pair is not really meant for you.

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