Sony VAIO T-13: Ultrabook with laptop tendancies

Most people don’t care to discover the difference between laptops and ultrabooks. There may be a very fine line of difference between the two, yet they squarely fall into separate categories. When manufacturers develop a new concept, they definitely decide what kind of launch they intend it to be. This kind of decided decision seems to have been skipped by Sony, with the launch of its new  Sony VAIO T-13 (SVT13126CNS). Primarily it is an ultrabook, with a laptop-like bent. However, the specifications clearly drag it into the category of ultrabooks. Let’s see how well it does. T13_S02_Back__S The recently brought out VAIO T11 was desired to be launched as  an ultrabook, and is in fact an ultrabook in every aspect, save the smaller display screen. It is very much a Sony VAIO on the face of it. With the T-13 Sony has deviated from the ordinary black casing and adopted a silver premium look overall. The entire ultrabook has the uniform silver appeal running right through the keyboard, and the base. Parts of the ultrabook has the metallic look and others the nice brushed on look. Sony has gone with a glinting VAIO logo that donnes the lid and is perfect to go with the silver hue of the rest of the ultrabook.  The bezel is black and shiny and goes around the 13.3-inch display is quite thick framing the screen well to make it look more defined. The keys in the keyboard are well placed to afford comfortable typing without even the occasional miss of the finger onto the unintended key. The ports on the Sony VAIO T-13 (SVT13126CNS) are laid in on both sides of the ultrabook. On the right are the  Ethernet, HDMI, memory card reader and the 3.5mm headphone jack. There are  two USB ports on the left side, and on the front are LED indicators signalling the battery level, and  hard drive consumption and also wireless connectivity. The Sony VAIO T-13 (SVT13126CNS) has been priced at Rs. 60,000/- and its features live up to this pricing. The ultrabook gets a premium feel from metal parts being used in it. This ultrabook feels firm and concrete and it definitely  means business! The  Sony VAIO T-13 (SVT13126CNS) is not very slender though, and the silver tone can only take its classy look to that point on the grid. The lack of thinness reduces the sleek factor in the ultrabook. As for specifications, by far the best part of this ultrabook is its  128GB SSD, giving it an edge over its competitors. The Sony VAIO T-13 (SVT13126CNS) is powered by a  Core i5-3317U processor working at 1.7GHz and backed up by  4GB of RAM. These specifications make this ultrabook a match for the others and Sony has sensibly not cut back on this front. The Sony VAIO T-13 (SVT13126CNS) has the common 13.3-inch display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The screen displays good color intensity and document reading and surfing is comfortable and easy. Perhaps, the only drawback of the display screen is that it is a mite reflective thereby reducing viewing angles. That said, the hinges on the  Sony VAIO T-13 (SVT13126CNS) keep in place the lid free of shakes and wobble, making the touchscreen work well.

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