Sony Tablet P Receives Android 4.0 ICS in Selected Markets

Sony-Tablet-P-ICS Finally, the distinctive double-sceen Sony Tablet P is obtaining the Ice Cream Sandwich treatment. It’s turning less exciting to hear news regarding devices getting treated to the newest edition of Android, edition 4.0 also named Ice Cream Sandwich. As the novel platform starts becoming more prosaic, handsets and tabs functioning ICS are less special, but the Tablet P is a bit of a different tale. The tab has a distinctive double-screen display, which resembles a Nintendo DS, and as such it no doubt confronted more difficulty in getting Ice Cream Sandwich-optimized. Nevertheless, it is getting the update in selected markets, according to Sony. Sony’s Tablet S started getting the most recent Android update in April and the company is dedicated to providing more ICS tabs down the road. ICS is one of the major updates to Android thus far, and consists of such traits as glancing over your face to unlock the handset, a much richer speech-to-text software plan, and a complete platform of data sharing, which revolves around Near Field Communication (NFC). Several other makers have pledged backing for the novel update, and a bunch of handsets presently running an older edition of Android. At present, ICS is catering 4.9% of active Android devices, as per the company’s most recently issued official data.
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