Sony rolling out ICS upgrade for Xperia Go, Xperia U and Sola

Sony has started rolling out Ice Cream Sandwich update for its more Xperia devices. Xperia Go, Xperia U & Xperia Sola users can now upgrade their device to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 in next coming days. Roll out has already started and it will roll around the globe gradually. Sony has also launched few media applications for these devices along with the ICS 4.0 upgrade.

Sony Xperia ICS updatePhoto Credit – Sony

“Roll out for ICS upgrade will run for next few weeks in the global markets”, Sony Mobile added in a post on the company blog. Some of the cool features added in this update by Sony are its three media applications for music, movies and all. These apps are called Walkman, Movies and Album. These apps were included in some other Xperia smartphones before by the company. Sony Xperia Sola is getting a unique feature called ‘Glove Mode’. This feature is an extension to floating touch technology available in Xperia Sola. Floating Touch technology in Xperia Sola allows you to use your device with gloves on. Well this is not really possible in many smartphones available today. To upgrade your device to ICS 4.0 version, you will need to connect it to your personal computer and then go to Sony Mobile website. Then you will need to follow couple of instructions mentioned clearly on Sony website to update your device. These three devices after the update will be having increased stand by time. Home screen will get improved functionality. You will be able to resize the widgets on your screen. Don’t worry if you don’t see update for your device at the moment, it will be available soon so keep on checking. So are you ready to upgrade your Xperia mobile with the ICS 4.0 version! Source
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