Sony Releases Statement on Xperia S Display Issue

Sony-Says-Xperia-S-Yellow-Tint-Display-Issue-Was-Resolved Sony has issued a statement regarding the yellow tint display issue with the Xperia S following complaints from some users. According to ElectricPig, some users discovered that the display screen tends to become washed out and become yellow-ish when the phone’s temperature approaches 40 degrees Celsius. Sony Mobile Communications announced in a statement that the company is aware of the fact that the display on certain Xperia S smartphones may seem to show a light yellow tint when the phone is exposed to temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. The statement also added that the problem occurs only on a small number of units and that the cause of the problem has been located and corrected. If you have the problem on your Xperia S, you may take the phone to the local service center where it shall be fixed free of cost. Thus, the problem should occur only on some of the shipped devices and it has already been fixed for all units to be shipped from now onwards. The Xperia S sports a 4.3-inch LED-backlit touchscreen with a 1280×720 pixel resolution, giving a pixel density of 342 pixels-per-inch (ppi) which is higher than any other phone available in the market, including Apple’s famous iPhone ‘Retina’ display, which clocks 330ppi.
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