Sony Playstation Vita (PS Vita) is up for pre-order in India

Sony has been trying to combine the aspects of gaming and smartphone features under one product. They did it with Playstation Phone called Sony Ericsson Xperia Play – which was more of an android touchscreen smartphone with gaming controls. This time, Sony is trying to bring the mobility aspect to the gaming device in the form of PS Vita. This portable gaming platform comes in two variants PS Vita (WiFi only) and PS Vita (WiFi + 3G). The device is now up for pre-order on


Features and Specifications of PS Vita

* Dimensions: 182mm x 18.6mm x 83.5mm

* Weight: 260 grams

* Built-in Speakers

* USB Port

* WiFi + 3G (slot for sim card)

* Screen resolution: 960 x 544 pixels

* Screen size: 5 inches: Capacitive touchscreen OLED

* Expandable memory card slot

Flipkart is offering few bundle options here:

PS Vita (Wi-Fi) Starter kit: Rs. 21,650 (Preorder now)

PS Vita (Wi-Fi) + 16GB Memory card + Uncharted golden abyss game: Rs. 24,498 (pre-order)

PS Vita (Wi-Fi + 3G) + 16GB Memory card + Reality fighters: Rs. 28,998 (pre-order)

PS Vita (Wi-Fi) + 16GB memory card : Rs. 23,398 (pre-order)

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