Sony officially launches Android Honeycomb Tablets S1 and S2

Couple of months back, there were some leaked information about Sony’s Android honeycomb tablets S1 and S2. Today, Sony decided to put to rest about all the rumours and speculations and officially confirmed about these two gorgeous tablets during a launch function in Tokyo. sony-s1-s2-tablets With the launch of these two tablets, sony is officially jumping to the tablet market. Keep in mind that these two tablets are launched under the brand Sony and not Sony Ericsson. Both these tablets have unique form factor and a very stylish design. S1, is a 9.4 inch touchscreen tablet powered by Android Honeycomb 3.0 operating system. S1 has a very unique design called “Off-centre of gravity design” and allows for great stability and ease of grip. The design is centred around comfort of usage! S1 appears to be powered by NVidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor. S1 has cameras both on the front and rear side. 3G/4G connectivity options are enabled. S1 has infrared sensor and can act as a universal remote control to control your televisions. S1 comes with DLNA in-built that allows you to show your content stored in S1 onto your high definition television sets or any other dlna enabled devices. The complete specifications are still awaited. Sony S1 Tablet is a beautiful piece of gadget. Check out the pictures below! sony-s1-tablet Sony_Tablet_S1_Side Sony_Tablet_S1_Back Sony S2 is another innovative gadget. S2 is a dual-screen android honeycomb tablet device. Each of the screens have 5.5 inch touchscreen display at a resolution of 1024×480 pixels. I must say it falls under hybrid of mobile and tablet with a screen size of 5.5 inch. The device can be closed just like you close your specs box or any other box.  The utility of this device is very imaginative. You can use one screen to watch videos while you key in your comments on the box below; you can check out email on one screen and you can use the other screen to act as virtual keyboard; you can combine both screens to browse a large page; sony-tablet-S2 The availability and pricing information of S1 and S2 is not announced yet. These tablets are very unique and are highly differentiated. In the times of copy-cat android tablets, these kind of thoughtfulness and differentiation is a must. Are you excited about these two devices? Let us know what you think about these devices. References: WSJ, PRNewswire, Sony Blog, Sony official press release

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