Sony launches pulse wireless stereo headset for gamers

sony-pulse-elite-wireless-headphones-side With Sony’s latest pulse wireless stereo headset, they have solved both the bass and compatibility problem. Gamers can now use this pulse wireless stereo headset in all the mobile devices and other gadgets. The Bass Impact technology is one of the vital features of this headset. It converts the bass sound into pulses which automatically sync with the sound. The 3.5 mm headphone jack also gives it a feel of Xperia S. The 7.1 virtual surround sounds empowers gamers to enjoy their experience at a new level. Sony has given special attention to the stylish look of this headset. Its noise-cancelling microphones again give it an edge over its predecessor version. Sony has launched the pulse wireless headset at a price of $150. This wireless headset can now be used with PSVista as well. You will find lots of software upgrades on this headset. It will be a treat for the gamers to enjoy the audio quality and the sound effect in every game. Experts have also commended the features embedded in this product. So make sure that you explore this cool headset nicely.
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