Sony Gets Blows For Xperia Tablet S Unveiling Manufacturing Defects

Not just a month and got the hardest blow, Sony is surely into a wrong foot after its Xperia Tablet S is being snapped up in the US, Japan, Western Europe. The tablet is supposed to be a water resistant gadget but it is found to be susceptible to water. Sony Calls Back its xperia Tablet S models from sales in the UK The company has already shipped around 100,000 units and now the manufacturing defect has been unfurled. The device was heavily marketed as a water resistant device; ironically it is actually susceptible to water damage because of the gap between the slate’s screen and rear casing. A company spokesperson said that the company was pledged to design superior quality products and always on the high for positive client experience. He apologized and said the fiasco an unfortunate event where the company did not meet the splash-proof specification. He asked retailers to stop selling Xperia Tablet S immediately, until they would inspect and replace stock. In a press release issued, the company sincerely apologized to customers for the inconvenience and asked for their understanding and consideration. The problem is anticipated from a manufacturing flaw at the Chinese plant where the device was made. The struggling electronics company is yet to reveal when it would resume sales. After the success of tablet technology, the electronic giant jumped into the wagon but the incident certainly counts as a big blow to their ambition. The cost of Xperia was announced this August and first launched in US followed by launches in Japan, Europe, and other countries with a price tag of of $399 (16GB), $499 (32GB), or $599 (64GB). Sony has already shipped about 100,000 devices, though according to sources, the recall would have no significant impact on company’s finances.

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