Sony Alpha NEX-F3 Camera Preview

Sony is a very coveted brand name in the world of electronics and when it comes to cameras the logo of Sony should be enough to assure a new camera buyer about his device’s quality. Just to make things more interesting Sony has revamped its entry-level NEX-series camera by endowing them with some great upgrades. Though, this has also made them a bit bigger and heavier, but that is really worth it. Sony_Alpha_NEX-F3_Kit1 The new Sony NEX-F3 has borrowed few elements from its low and mid-range previous models along with which it has added the few great upgrades of its own in order to distinguish it from the other models. The Sony Alpha NEX-F3 comes with the new addition of a 16.10 Megapixels sensor and a 3.00x zoom 18-55mm lens. The camera sports a new 3 inch LCD panel that has a tilting design, which swings over the top to face forward to help while taking self-portraits and it is coupled with a built-in popup flash as well. These new upgrades are really impressive. Much of the NEX-F3’s body design remains the same as its predecessor, as it already had a very superior design and even gave the impression that it never required an upgrade. However, its built-in flash is rather weak and the grip feels a little cramped up because of the low shutter button position. The greatest positive aspects of the Sony Alpha NEX-F3 are its amazing image quality and it’s above average battery life. Moreover, this digi-cam makes the light work for you while taking self-portraits and it also has a great versatile video mode for its own class and all these come in a package that is very reasonably priced as well. These advantages do make the camera a really attractive buy. The Sony Alpha NEX-F3 digital camera is available in the market since June 2012. It is available in body colors of black, white and silver, with a price tag of around US$600 for a package that includes an SEL1855 18-55mm zoom lens.

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