Sony all set to join the Tablet party with S1, S2 and a Windows 7 Tablet

We have seen every major brand launch a tablet. Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Acer, Dell. Only two global brands are out of the scene. Nokia and Sony Ericsson. But not for long! Sony’s plans on tablets are leaked. Through some official sources very close to Sony there is some information available now. Sony is reportedly working on three tablets namely Sony Vaio S1, Sony S2 and a Windows 7 slider tablet (no names yet). S1 also called as Sony S1 Playstation tablet is a android honeycomb powered 9.4 inch touchscreen tablet. S1 comes with Playstation suite and is said to be playstation certified. S1 will come pre-loaded with PSOne games. S1 will also support Qriocity – Sony’s cloud-based media distribution and streaming platform that is tightly integrated with sony products such as HDTVs. Looks like S1 will be launched under VAIO brand. What else do we know? S1 might be powered by Tegra 2 dual core processor. The unique thing about S1 is it’s design which is shown below. The unique design makes it easy to operate with one hand, makes it easy to place it on table top and have a slanting projection that fits naturally with hands and wrists. S1 is expected to be priced around 599$ and is expected to be launched in 2011. sony-s1-qriocity-tablet-engadget-mockup-revised-wm The second tablet is codenamed S2. S2 is going to be a dual-screen android tablet. The version of android might be customized version of honeycomb to better make use of the dual screens. The tablet design is quite unique as shown below and is more of clamshell model and will have two screens when flipped open. Specwise, S2 is almost similar to S1: Tegra 2, 3G, Wifi, Qriocity support, Front and rear-facing camera. S2 is expected to be priced around 699$ and might be available by Q4 2011. sony-s2-clamshell-illustration-open-close The third and final tablet is a windows 7 slider tablet much akin to ASUS EEE Pad Slider. No information about the codename or the product name, but this tablet is expected to be priced around 799$. We will have more information about Sony’s Tablets in the coming days. Now, only Nokia is left behind in the tablet race. What will Nokia bring to the table? Windows 8 powered tablets? Via Source 1, Source 2

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