Solar sunglasses to charge devices on the go

The Ray-Ban Shama sunglasses concept could charge your smartphone with solar power Sunglasses are a fashion statement but their utility is to protect eyes. While doing that US based Indian designer Sayalee Kaluskar has come up with a sunglasses concept that could possibly be a portable charger for your mobile devices. Called the Ray-Ban Shama these sunglasses as the designer describes would have solar panel on its arms that would gather sun’s energy and would convert it into potential electric current to charge a smartphone or mobile device’s battery. shaman18 Although the concept has been created as a student project at Miami Ad School, it sounds good enough to be adopted by any of the sunglasses brands to create their own line of solar sunglasses. The idea of solar charger on sunglasses is simple and involves having Solar cells on both the arms of the sunglasses. The solar cells gather sun’s energy and store it in the integrated batteries that in turn would be used to charge devices using a simple USB or Apple’s lightning connector. Many device makers have tried different ways of harnessing solar energy to charge devices. But the idea of having sunglasses do the job is unique and could be beneficial for the users who inevitably use them each day.

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