Snake 2K hits Android, Windows Phone, iOS devices

The classic Snake game of Nokia now hits your iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone and Android devices. Dubbed as Snake 2K, the dot matrix retro gameplay now will keep you busy adding length to the snake’s tail on shiny mobile devices. snake_2k The Snake 2K is recreated by developer Willem Middelkoop, who also recreated the original 1997 Snake for Windows Phone. The Snake 2K looks similar to the Snake II, which in 2000 replaced the original version of the game, but is of course a very faithful replica of it. The developer has taken care to keep the timing of the gameplay as well as the design of the labyrinths same as much as possible to the classic Nokia Snake game. In the new Snake 2K there are 5 original layouts for you to choose from along with two extras that have been newly added by Middelkoop. There are 9 difficulty levels with three bonus creatures in the gameplay to catch. Similar to the original version, the high score of the game cannot be reset. Snake 2K is made available for download from the Windows Phonhe Marketplace. It will cost you $0.99/£0.79. Oh yes, you don’t need to have Nokia Lumia to play Snake 2K. You can play it on all the new Windows Phone smartphones. Key features of Snake 2K:

  • Old school controls
  • Original sounds
  • Go through the walls!
  • Be sure to quickly catch the bonus creatures for extra points
  • 9 original and 3 extra difficulty levels
  • 5 original and 2 extra labyrinths
  • A high score that cannot be reset (just like the original)
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