SmartWatch: Something Different

Many watches that pack in design and a few smart capacities like storage and flashy LED notifications are above the basic alarm and timer functions no doubt. However, the world is always interested in a watch that takes it to the next level. Apple has set standards with all its devices, and at the right time. Apple is rarely ever second fiddle coming in with a variation of other designs. Rumour now has it that Apple is working on what we presume to be called the iWatch which will be a high-tech watch. apple iwatch wrist With all this speculation, other big players like Japanese giant Sony are struggling to make their fantastic debut with this concept. To be able to churn out something that customers will appreciate to wrap around the wrist has to be something in excess of what the mobile and tablet offer, or just that alongside great design and appeal. At the Mobile World Congress, evidence of this new segment in the market was apparent and all the manufacturers looked towards making this possible focussing primarily on those consumers who cant do without their phones for calling or texting. Massimiliano Bertolini, chief executive of Italian firm i’m said, “the future in general is wearable devices,” while sitting next to his flagship product, i’m Watch at the big event. This one came into production back in 2011 and this design favourite is seen across retail stores in European countries like Britain and Poland, and will soon benefit from an agreement with Spain’s Corte Ingles department stores. A sooner plan is with French retailers willing to place it in their stores. This smartwatch is works like an accessory to the smartphone, using which it communicates by Bluetooth wireless technology. So therefore, you can use your watch to take calls, check and send mails and read and receive updates from social network sites while your phone stays in your pocket all the while. This watch also has its own applications like i’m Sport for athletes. The watch has a neat square aluminium frame, and has a 1.5-inch touch screen and a strap available in a range colours. The Company has already sold to 30,000 buyers. According to Bertolini, “seventy percent are iPhone users, 25 percent Samsung and the rest are other telephones using Google’s Android operating system,”

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