Smartphone users In India pay more on 3G Service than those in China

smIndian Mobile operators have begun to get more returns on the 3G services which now are out of promotional stage. Earnst & Young, a market research firm, has carried-on a study and reveals, average monthly expenses of 3G Smartphone users is $43 or in INR Rs.2265 for post paid users and $27 (Rs.1423) for pre-paid users in India. This is still lower than those of 3G Smartphone users in UK and Australia in comparison to Indian subscriber of 3G Smartphone who in turn are paying more than those using 3G in China and Russia. This study is good news for the Indian telecom companies who have been facing tough time and have been struggling to mop-up their revenue with the average revenue per user from voice service, which is approx Rs.105 per month. The survey conducted by the Earnst & Young across 12 countries focuses that mobile data price plans and new mobile internet services has become pretty complex and emotionally proving helpless to end users. The report highlights that 31 per cent of the respondents to the survey understands that data tariffs offered by the mobile operators in India is highest when compared with countries like US at 16 per cent, UK at 24 per cent and China at 13 per cent. The report also reveals that 54 per cent users of 3G services in Smartphone in India prefer unlimited mobile data price plans per month and for mobile apps 33 per cent prefers free trial of limited content.
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