Smart Tools App First Impression

Engineering apps have emerged a prominent figure since its inception two years ago. Mobile apps have been rampant in the tools segment of testing and measurement (T&M). This app can be used in Android phones with amazing sensors. Smart Tools AppSmart Tools Pro is an app comprising of tools such as ruler, callipers, three kinds of protractors, spirit level, tape measure, distance meter, compass, magnetometer, flashlight, magnifier, decibel meter and contact vibrometer. For a choice of among the many tools listed, the Smart Ruler Pro and Sound Meter Pro is offered as a standalone app foe Rs 50 a piece. Smart Tools is one of the highly profitable apps on Google Play. This was one of the apps introduced during this year’s Google Play sale. The free variant of this standalone app is introduced with lesser features Smart Ruler Pro app comprises of six tools such as a ruler, three protractors, spirit level and thread pitch gauge. The ruler is equal to the measure of the any object along the length of the screen. To measure the length of an object greater than the screen can be pretty strenuous, where the user will have to divide the length into many portions by moving the ruler across the screen. Two guidelines can be used like a pair of callipers. To measure the angle you can hold the screen along the horizontal of Protractor 1 and drag till you visualise the position of the object. The Smart Measure Pro app measures the distance from an object with respect to metres or feet. This app also measures the height and width of the object. The maximum distance attained with this app is 30.48 metres or 100 feet. It takes time and practice to acquire a firm grip on the functioning of this app. When you point the camera towards the object from the starting point, leave sufficient space to measure, once the distance is calculated a height button emerges on screen which can be pressed to measure the height of the object.

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