Smallest Stop Animation Video with Nokia N8

Couple of weeks ago, At the University of California, Berkley, Professor Daniel Fletcher and his team had an idea that now helps to save lives. They took a microscope, a Nokia N95, and put them together. They call it the CellScope. A super-portable microscope imaging device, perfect for diagnosing diseases in remote areas in developing world countries. Images of cell samples can be captured then sent by MMS anywhere in the world for instant analysis. This was yet another proof on how Nokia is showing the world how to apply the technology in day-to-day lives. New radical Ideas inspire innovations and whole new ecosystem. Inspired by Daniel Fletcher’s new application, Folks at Aardman (an animation company) has created a teeny-tiny microscopic stop animation movie using Nokia N8 and Microscope. The movie stars a 9mm girl (!) called Dot as she struggles through a microscopic-yet-realistic world.  The entire movie was shot using Nokia N8 and the cellscope technology. Nokia N8 boasts a 12 mega pixel camera and carl-zeiss optic lens. The best camera capability on mobile phones ever. Making of Dot The folks at Aardman released a video on how they made this stop animation movie, just in case nay-sayers raises their eyebrows! Watch the movie below to see the pain-staking efforts that went behind this movie. We are really amazed by the capabilities of Nokia N8 and the way scientists are using the device to solve the medical and healthcare problems in dark continents such as Africa. Way to go Nokia!

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