Small Call (Android) App Review

You know how frustrating it feels when you’re running some process on your Android powered device when all of u sudden, you’re interrupted by a text or call? small-call_original Well, here’s an app that is designed to curb such interuptions. This app doesn’t qualify as packing any more than what you already have through Android OS. iPhone has a similar pre loaded feature called Do Not Disturb. You no longer have to set your device to airplane mode, when you’re certain you don’t want interruptions during vital processing like working on a document, timing yourself, testing applications or in the middle of movie play. This app called Small Call is available on Google Play. The description mentions that it allows you to continue what you are doinng with minimal interruption. Post installing and launching, a series of setup procedures follows. You can disable and enable this app using a toggle slide type of switch. Further the app allows you to set the intensity of the app menu in contrast to the background and icons for easier viewing. You can choose an option which rejects the calls altogether when incoming. Alternatively you can redirect the call to voicemail or if you’re after a more furious reaction, the app answers the call and hangs up. You will get notifications of these actions. You can manage texts too. There’s an option which when turned on, displays the mesage and its details like who its from while your other processes are running. Templates can be activated to send automatic messages to such texts in reply and you can pre-set a custom message to an extent of 250 characters. Performance is disappointing in practice as the app seems to frequently hang, cease and crash. It may continue to run despite crashing but, it requires restarting. When running less load bearing processes, like using a stopwatch, no innterruptions were experienced, and the app worked well and smoothly. When running more intensive processes like streaming through other apps Small Call seemed to fail altogether. While texting, the app works well and the prompter alerts you of the call and presents options to either send it to voicemail or ignore it. Funnily, although the message didn’t close, and get deleted during the operation of this, Small Call inadvertently caused an older message to open up, without command. Small Call isn’t totally lacking. It helps because of the quantity of apps running at the same time and it does do its bit, (inclusive of errors) to prevent interruptions. Like the app describes, it gives ‘minimal interruption’, this can be said to be true. Improvements can include specifying the apps during the running of which Small Call should work. It serves its purpose when you’re browsing the internet for a quick answer, or using multiple windows. It also helps when at work during a meeting or when your kid is playing learning apps on your phone. With upgrade options offering better features, this app may be worthwhile, however for now it doesn’t do much more than Native Android.

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