SIMply NFCRevolution: An NFC-enabled SIM Card

INSIDE Secure and Morpho (Safran group) have showcased a product at Mobile World Congress 2012 that will allow Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality to be added to a mobile phone by using a SIM card. The new ‘SIMply NFC-Revolution’ product incorporates INSIDE’s core NFC chip technology with SIM technology from Morpho. This patented technology provides a means of bringing NFC services to markets that might otherwise not be immediately reachable through smartphones. The SIMply NFC-Revolution product has a strong advantage over other bridge solutions such as flexible antennas or contactless stickers since no external change or retrofit of a mobile device is required. As a result, this SIM-based bridge solution can perform NFC transactions even in disruptive environments (e.g. under the mobile phone’s battery). “Our bridge solution enables mobile subscribers to be introduced to NFC without the need to change their phones by simply inserting the SIMply NFC-Revolution into their handset, immediately benefiting from a full set of NFC features without any external additions to the handset. We are convinced that this is the way to bring NFC to mass markets,” said Paul Naldrett, Senior Vice President Telecoms, e-Documents Division at Morpho. “INSIDE Secure is once again demonstrating its leadership in NFC by providing a core enabling technology to Morpho that will enable innovative products in a SIM form-factor for use in legacy mobile devices, accelerating the adoption of NFC card emulation within the currently deployed mobile phone market,” said Bertrand Moussel, executive vice president, EMEA/LATAM Sales, INSIDE Secure.

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