Sigma Photo Pro 5.5L update and added features

The newest version of the Sigma Photo Pro Software has been launched by Sigma Corporation of America. With this you get a new monochrome mode processing interface which has numerous functions. These features include channel-mixing palette, that lets the user control the intensity if red, green and blue in an image to better allocate toning and contrast. There is also the grain palette feature which is an interesting additive that lets the user reduce the size and extent of grain in an image essentially resulting in a smoother picture. This feature is commonly found in film photography. Canon-EF-800mm-f-5.6-L-IS-USM-Lens Sigma Corporation of America is known for its work in research and its phenomenal achievements as a manufacturer and service provider of the world’s best lenses, cameras and flashes. The new Sigma Photo Pro 5.5 software, also provides upgrades and updates for both Mac and Windows platforms, along with the new Monochrome Mode processing interface. When the Monochrome Mode is coupled with Sigma cameras’ Foveon sensor, the result is clear strong black and white images with an immense amount of detail, sharpness and perfection of contrast and tonality. With the Foveon X3 image sensor technology the camera design does not have to have the anti-aliasing filter, that usually results in blurry images which causes image blur. Mark Amir-Hamzeh, President of Sigma Corporation of America had this to say. “Black and white photography is becoming increasingly popular, and the Monochrome Mode, paired with the strength of the Foveon sensor, truly takes black and white photography to the next level.  With an entirely new processing pipeline for monochrome images, Sigma users will be able to truly take advantage of the Foveon sensor with Monochrome Mode, which we believe will set even higher standards for our Sigma camera line.” With the new software update you will get the following changes and improvements.

  1. Design change for fringing reduction
  2. Updated adjustment settings: Selecting “Auto” chooses the appropriate preset value for the color mode (only compatible with the data of the SD1, SD1 Merrill, DP1 Merrill, DP2 Merrill, DP3 Merrill)
  3. Ensures TIFF files save completely
  4. Added Monochrome Mode interface (only compatible with the RAW data from SD1, SD1 Merrill, DP1 Merrill, DP2 Merrill, DP3 Merrill)
  5. Ensures color consistency on Macs when viewing X3 files in SPP compared to the same file in JPEG opened with the default Mac preview mode
  6. Ensures SPP reflects the data of the latest lenses on Windows
Sigma Corporation of America has dazzled us for more than 50 years. With every year there is a marked increase in every invention and creation developed by the Company.  Sigma Corporation of America combines high level expertise with a knowledgeable study of the market needs and demands and renders seamlessly good products. The Company philosophy of “knowledge, plus experience, plus imagination,” truly translates in its inventions. The Company is mostly family members and holds the spot as the largest, independent SLR lens manufacturer in the world and produces over 50 lenses which are compatible with most manufacturers, like Sigma, Canon, Sony, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic and Pentax. The digital SLR cameras and high definition digital compact cameras are also top of the line.
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