Shopping, travel sites gets more Indian mobile visitors: Opera

In near future e-commerce sites may see a big boom. The second in the list is to be with travel sites. In the latest report Opera software reveals shopping sites are now being visited by 14 percent of mobile users in the country. Mobile-Users-Uplift The Mobile Web report also adds that both Indian as well as international news sites were most visited apart from Facebook and Google. 30 percent of mobile users in India read news on their mobile device. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter just amounted to 9 percent as those are mostly visited through app and not through browsers. Neck to neck was education and travel sites, which amounted to 7 percent visits via mobile devices. Opera Mini browser for mobile has worldwide strengths of 207 million users and a big chunk of it is from India. The just released Mobile Web report is based on the usage pattern of mobile users. The e-commerce site visits are from different domains. It is both portals where users actually make money transactions in buying products online and portals where users visit just for price comparison. The travel sites visit has increased from the earlier report. It has now become more diverse. Though Indian Railways site is still very popular among mobile users, but other travel-booking sites such as Yatra, ClearTrip and MakyMyTrip are also getting significant traffic. Below are the top 10 most visited categories by mobile users in the country as revealed by Opera:

  • News portals
  • e-Commerce
  • Social networking
  • Education
  • Travel
  • Search
  • Cricket
  • Download portals
  • Job portals
  • Government websites
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