Shazam now available on iPad

shazamplayeripad41912[1] Shazam released an iPad-compatible version of its app on Thursday. The music recognition service, which was earlier available only for the iPod Touch, the iPhone, Nokia, Android, and even the Windows Phone 7 platform, has now released an iOS application optimized for the Apple iPad. The app shall also support the Retina Display that the new iPad is famous for. Shazam helps users discover music suited to their tastes and, with LyricPlay, lets them stream lyrics in sync with the music playback. The service is offered for more than 30,000 tracks and counting. Users can easily share the soundtrack of their day on various social networking platforms like Facebook and even Twitter. The service also provides information about the artists and bands like tour dates and other details, including concert clips. Shazam also helps you manage your music collection. You can view your iTunes playlists and also create fresh new playlists on the move. Shazam also offers other useful features including selecting your favorite songs and even hiding those songs that you dislike (similar to Pandora’s thumbs down sign). You can expand your music collection by purchasing fresh new hits on the iTunes store straight from the app.  You can also browse through your music by title, album or artist and the Track Tray lets you see all Shazam features that are available for a particular song. The Shazam experience on Apple’s tablet is a bit unique in that it lets you save, manage and also display all your Tag lists on a larger screen. You can view music charts in the layout of just a single large screen. All existing Shazam apps including Shazam, Shazam RED and Shazam Encore will be supported on the Apple iPad. On the downside, you can’t transfer your tags from the Shazam app on your iPhone to the Shazam app on your iPad. However, the company is currently working on a solution. Currently, the Shazam for iPad app will be available only in English. The Shazam for iPad app can be purchased free of cost from the iOS App Store.
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