Sharp reveals Feel UX interface for Android smart phones

Sharp, the Japanese phone manufacturing giant has now gone to a whole new level with its Android phone user interface. The company has commissioned Frog to design an interface for the Android phone users that is “easy to use, highly personalized and visually stunning”. This all new interface customization makes the whole experience for the users an interesting and engaging one. Named as the Feel UX, this customized interface is poised to hit a new level of design. Clearly, this customized user interface in the Android phone is going to separate itself from that of the user interface of Android phones like Samsung, HTC, Motorola etc. This brings a whole new experience for the users. Some key features of the interface: Lock screen – You can now access your notifications, widgets, apps etc without actually unlocking the screen! This is the most unique feature of this interface. Users can browse files, data, photos, weather, news, contacts or anything else at all right from the lock screen. Now, you are thrown into more interesting things when you are through the lock screen. When you unlock your phone, you experience an entirely different Android interface. The typical interface is no longer existent here. The interface – Feel UX has taken a detour from the usual Android UX, the typical interface that is present in every smart phone and has replaced the customization home screen with different categories. These categories divide and separate your apps, widgets and shortcuts. Inside these categories, users can now customize location for their app, organize or create folders and can also resize widgets. The Feel UX also has features like ‘animated weather information’ and ‘extensive personalization option’. This new interface is also going to appeal to new smart phone users as much as it is to old users. The color palate used is soft on the eyes. The Feel UX interface on Sharp’s AQUOS smart phones will be launched in Japan during this summer.

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