Sennheiser PCX 95 review: powerful sound with a sporty appeal

“As a comfortable and great sounding headphone, the PCX 95 is bang on for the money”

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German audio accessories brand Sennheiser in India is popular for its range of headphones, among both enthusiasts as well as casual listeners who love their music. In India, Sennheiser recently announced the launch of the PCX 95 headphones which are the company’s brilliant effort at providing an in-ear design combined with a comfortable neckband. Sennheiser has not left even the slightest margin of error with this new product, and honestly it seems exciting enough, at least on paper. Let’s find out if the PCX 95 is really worth all the hype it creates with all the specifications and features it carries.

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Designed with attention to detail

Essentially, the in-ear neckband design has been around for quite a long time and even companies like Nokia have tried their hands at making accessories using the same. Sennheiser has utilised its expertise and know-how it has gathered over the years, in the making of the PCX 95 headphones using the same design philosophy. Minor improvements have been incorporated on the standard design to make it comfortable and easy to use.

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For instance, the earplugs have angled tips allowing for a better fit and at the same time, increase grip so that users enjoy music and don’t keep adjusting the headphones. The neckband is flexible and can easily be stretched straight, but retains its shape for offering a snug fit.

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Additionally, the earpieces have embedded foam-based filters for protecting them from damage that might occur due to the dust getting inside the drivers. The silicone rubber ear tips have a connecting bridge between them, which acts as a form of a barrier to keep the foam fillers in place and prevent them from coming out, even after extended use.

Average looks but innovative design

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In terms of look-and-feel, the set looks like an average pair of in-ear headphones. But then, the PCX 95 make all the difference to the ears not so much for the eyes. The cable is 1.2m in length, and comes with a gold-plated 3.5mm audio connector. The cable features a special metal-braided protective shell for protection against damage and shielding against electrical distortion. All this is coated under a layer of gel that prevents unwanted friction and offers a nice look to the headphones too.

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The earpieces are almost twice the size of regular in-ear headphones, and there is a good reason for that as the added space gives the driver units additional space to create reverb and a better bass experience. The construction has been carried out using plastic only, apart from the circular brand emblems that have been embellished on the earplugs. As a result the headphones are extremely lightweight and weigh just 21 grams, making them a perfect fit for prolonges usage.

Precision-tuned drivers

Though specific information pertaining to the size of the drivers used in the construction of the Sennheiser PCX 95 isn’t available, we feel that the drivers used are upwards of 13mm, listening to the sound they produce. However, it is not just the drivers that make the sound quality great, it’s how they have been used makes it all that very special. To begin with, the drivers have been placed in a large chamber for creating a bassy effect. Additionally, they are fine-tuned to offer zero distortion and bias. The PCX 95 supports a wide range of frequencies right from 17 hertz all the way up to 22,500 hertz, though the human ear can only notice the difference in the range of 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz. Therefore, you have full range of frequencies at your disposal.

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As one of its standout features, the headphones have a THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) bias of less than 0.1 percent. Which is a clear signal that what you get to hear from these headphones is what the recording artist actually played, provided that the player or the decoder that you are using also has similar THD bias rating.

Made for flawless music

The Sennheiser PCX 95 are zero-bias headphones that have been precision-tuned to offer just pure quality music. Moreover, after having experienced this gadget, we can say this without having a single doubt in our minds. The headphones, with their full range spectrum of sound frequencies and in-ear design, offer fun listening to any and all types of sounds. The company calls these noise-reducing headphones, which is nothing more than a clever way of highlighting one of its inherent design specialties, which is passive noise cancellation. Silicone ear tips provide for a snug fit and thereby isolate ambient noise, while the headband allows for additional pressure thereby keeping the earplugs glued to the user’s ears.

ZakirHussain_1115003f 20130221_yanni1

The PCX 95 offer close to 50 percent noise cancellation with great ease and the bottom-line is that it all results in great sounding music. We loved listening to all genres, be it Pandit Zakir Hussain tapping the hide of the tabla or Yaani playing a symphony of low and high notes on the grand piano. One thing that we noticed however is that the headphones have special focus for vocal frequencies, and the same can be experienced when listening to audio using these headphones.


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As a first-time effort by the company, the PCX 95 is a brilliant audio accessory, and one that most audio fanatics would love to have in their arsenal. These headphones can easily do justice to most music forms and are especially happy playing vocals. They weigh a mere 21 grams, and thereby offer great utility, which can easily be extended over a few hours.

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However, the plain looks and the singular colour availability might go against the sensibilities of the fashionable ones. Rest assured, the headphones offer a snug fit thanks to their design, and the special friction free cable should ensure they last a long time.

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It is said that all good things come with a price tag and so does the Sennheiser PCX 95. and to own this you will have to shell out Rs 5,490. In the end, it all boils down to the value-for-money quotient, and honestly these headphones with the right audio playback equipment is a studio or reference class material. However for most, the price tag might be just a bit higher than what they are looking for. While there are several other headphones available at this price point, the Sennheiser PCX 95 creates a clear new category of high-end sports headphones a reality and so far has no competition with similar design and sound quality.

Price: Rs 5,490 (MRP)

Editor’s Rating: 9/10


  • Powerful sound
  • Very comfortable
  • Friction less cable
  • Neckband, and in-ear design hybrid


  • Priced on the higher sided
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