Sennheiser MOMENTUM a high quality headphone?

The new Sennheiser MOMENTUM headphones are priced at Rs. 25,000/-. Why? You ask. High-quality accessories will justify it. Yes it falls into the luxury product segment as valuable materials are used in its making. These new headphones come with audio playback, and also have hands free functionality compatible with the iPhone. The Company has not branded it as being of audiophile-grade in spite of giving it a fat price tag. Sennheiser Momentum headphone The Sennheiser MOMENTUM is a closed-back; it is circumaural design with neodymium drivers capable of emitting audio of 16 Hz to 22,000 Hz.  It looks retro and the dark brown leather is from the “traditional English tannery” Pittards, probably one of the reasons responsible for its price. You won’t get odour from the leather, but a nice, feeble fragrance. The Company has used this quality of leather for its durability. The earpads are replaceable and the headset entirely weighs only 130 grams. The headband comprises a fine and flexible stainless steel strip and the top portion which sits above the head has uniformity of color with the brown leather. At the underside of this is foam stuffed inside to negate uneasiness to the head. Metallic sliders are fit for easy adjustment of its size. Reinstating its elite look is a brown hard carry case with soft velvet covering, and zip locks. Compartments are added to accommodate two cables, and a 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm audio adapter. This enables connectivity between headphone and Hi-Fi equipment using a connector. Sennheiser Momentum headphone The cables can be replaced and Sennheiser provides two 1.3 m long cables in the package: one with and one without the inline controller termed as the Smart Remote. The cables are of suitable lengths which are comfortable and convenient. The cable connectors don’t come with gold plating usually seen on audiophile equipment which acts as an electrical noise reduction medium. The Smart Remote has two volume buttons and a third simple button with the Sennheiser logo. The volume control only works with iDevices only however. It’s been given an inbuilt microphone which serves a dual function as a hands free for iPhone (3GS and above) for calls. The audio is impeccable without any preference between frequencies that is common with most manufacturers, for example making the base more audible.  On these headphones the sounds are natural and don’t feel engineered to produce anything particular. Even with the volume up to the maximum there is clarity and crispness in the audio, don’t try it though. The closed back design which goes around your ears prevents people around from being able to hear what you’re listening to and this feature kind of also keeps out external noise. Sennheiser Momentum headphone brown The Sennheiser MOMENTUM is not graded as an audiophile but does just as well in performance. The retro looks coupled with the high quality leather will work its charm on most.   The big plus of these headphones is the incredible style and look. It is high on comfort and convenience too. The cables are also replaceable and the inline remote control is great.

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