Screen separation issue seen in Google Nexus 7

It’s only about 24 hours after the release of Google’s Nexus 7 tablet that few defects have been highlighted and flooded on the Web. It is learned from few threads over XDA and other places that the screen separation is not working as it must do. Some dead pixels on the LCD screen are giving such problem. google-nexus-7 A tech site reported that the problem is originating from the adhesive holding the screen and glass that is giving away and causing lifting of it to noticeable level. Some sites say the issue can be fixed by users itself. There are screws on the rear of the tablet and those may not be tight as it should be and causing slight lift in the display. Tighten it up and may be the issue will no more occur. Well, you need to be very careful doing it as over-tightening may lead to the cracking of the screen. However, average users are usually seen not to take well to small but consistent bugs and issues. The tablet is being sold like hot cakes wherever it has been released. There are many good aspects of Nexus 7 at affordable price that is attracting customers in great numbers. Do write below if you are facing similar, or any other, issues with Google’s Nexus 7 tablet. To know complete specification and features of Google’s Nexus 7 follow the below link: Google Nexus 7 (8GB) Google Nexus 7 (16GB)

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