Scan and Taste Beer – iPhone Beer Recommendation App

When there are thousands of Beers in the world, how would you know which one to try? And sure you would like to know more about the beer in your hand and also about which beer goes with which food. Fret not. Australia’s oldest brewary comes to your rescue. The Cascade brewers, along with beer expert Matt Kirkegaard, have combined their years of experience and vast knowledge to give you all you need to know about any beer you care to get your hands on. They have created a neat little app for your iPhone. mzl.tajozmrk.320x480-75mzl.ylqkswho.320x480-75 This FREE app allows you to scan any barcode on top of the beer bottle and fetches you all the information about the beer on your phone’s screen including videos! In addition, it allows you to find matching food for the beer in your hand. A log allows to keep track of beers you have tried. The best part, it allows you to hook up with drinking mates to see what they are drinking and where and their feedback. If you are satisfied with the beer, you can geo-tag your feedback so that your friends can gain from your experience in future when they visit that place. So you can get feedback such as “Light straw in colour, spicy hop aroma, pure white foam. Refreshing and balanced with an enduring crisp bitterness”…that’s a feedback which will lure you… cascade-brew-app App homepage Download from iTunes

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