Samsung Wave devices to get Bada 2.0 update

Samsung recently announced three Wave Smartphones with Bada 2.0 before IFA 2011. After bagging the successful response on Bada 2.0 from the consumers, Samsung is planning to upgrade the old Wave devices with Bada 2.0 OS. All the earlier versions of Bada OS will be now upgraded to newly launched Bada 2.0. This was announced through Samsung official twitter page. bada-2-tweetThis confirms that the upgrade will be initiated from Europe and spread to the rest of the World. However, the upgrade is based on the device specs, CPU and memory size says the official twitter page. The cheaper handsets like Wave 525 and Wav 533 stands to be a doubtful cases where the specs sheet is lighter. Samsung Wave II owners has a huge advantage with this update. The device is available for a far better price in the market and spec sheet is almost similar when compared to the newly launched Samsung Wave 3.

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