Samsung to soon release multi-screen, Jelly Bean on Galaxy Note

Be ready to welcome new feature on Samsung’s Galaxy Note N7000 smartphone. The popular ‘multi-screen’ functionality is arriving on it soon. It is to get Android Jelly Bean OS upgrade too. Samsung_Galaxy_Note Earlier, several tech sites reported this but now the report has been confirmed by SamMobile. Samsung released multi-screen feature first time on its Galaxy Note 10.1 (N 8000) device earlier this year. Later the mobile giant launched it for Galaxy Note 2. Multi-screen enhances capabilities of multitasking and users will be able to run two apps on the same screen simultaneously. The technology actually divides the screen in two parts so that two apps can be showcased, and hence enhances multitasking in real time. More to the multi-tasking, the Jelly Bean OS upgrade will fetch smooth user interface on the device. Advanced features like video pop out, smart display rotation, direct call and many more will also be seen, which have made the Galaxy Note I a favorite device among customers. The upgradation of Android Jelly Bean OS will be released in coming few days.

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