Samsung to Showcase Flexible Screens at CES 2013

Samsung is ready to grab all the attention at the Consumer Electronic Show that is going to be held between January 8 to 11, next year at Las Vegas.
Samsung is going to display its latest innovation, i.e., Flexible Screens in the CES 2013. As per the current reports, Samsung will showcase a 5.5” display for Smartphones and a Big 55” TV Display.

Its 5.5” screen supports 267 pixels per inch which gives a resolution of 1280×720 Full HD, whereas the resolution of 55” TV display is not yet announced.

Samsung has recently released an 18 sec teaser with a title “World Awaits Innovation” which sends a hint that CES 2013 is going to be hotter this time. The teaser includes words and phrases like “innovation”, “ideas”, “design” and “technology” dancing and making you more eager to wait for the CET 2013.

Its also expected that Samsung’s Next Generation phone ‘Samsung Galaxy S4’ with bendable and unbreakable screen can be launched at the CNET 2013. Some recent patents which came up in March gives us clues that Samsung is planning over a display which can be rolled. As Per the reports, S4 can have a semi-flexible display but we are waiting for a display which can be rolled like films.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a much awaited phone around the globe.The Gadget experts are eagerly waiting to have their hands on this device.

What are your views on Flexible displays? Would they transform the industry or become a hyped flop? Do share your views.

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