Samsung to launch a phone with curved display next month, premium Galaxy F-Series next year

Samsung has officially confirmed that company is currently working on a smartphone with curved display which will be launched in the South Korean market in October 2013. Curved displays are already present in the large-screen televisions from Samsung and LG and now Samsung is also planning to introduce it in the smartphones too.

Samsung Curved Display Prototype phone

“We plan to introduce a smartphone with a curved display in South Korea in October,” D.J. Lee, Samsung’s business head of strategic marketing stated in the launch event of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in Seoul. Samsung originally showcased the prototype products with bendable displays in January 2013. One of them was having a bendable display and one was with a display that extends from the side of the prototype device.

Extended curved Samsung phone prototype

No other details regarding the curved display smartphone are released by the company at the moment, but we should be hearing more about it as the October is not very far. Curved displays are surely going to be a very special thing in the future as they will allow the manufacturers to build devices with bendable and foldable designs.

Samsung Curved display prototype

In related news, Samsung is also reported to be launching premium Android phones in a new Galaxy F-Series which will debut next year. ET News has reported that the phones in the Galaxy F-Series will be premium devices with metal body design and 16MP rear camera, and will be powered by Octa Core processors. However, this report is not confirmed by any Samsung official at the moment, we will update you more after learning any official statement from the company.
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