Samsung ST66 Camera with unique and classy build

The Samsung ST66 portrays the image of a glossy and classy camera in the ultra compact digital segment. The camera is of a small dimension that it can even find a neat place in your pocket. Moreover this tiny camera has powerful features of 16.1 megapixel. The Samsung ST66 might be the perfect camera with its power packed features in a totally small package, where one might not feel the strain of carrying it in your hand or on your shoulders. Samsung ST66-Camera The ST66 sports a neat design with shiny surfaces in few areas, which would be a strong appealing factor for consumers. This camera is introduced in five colours with neutral and bright shades of black, silver, blue, pink and red. The elegant camera has a robust build with refined aluminium plate with matte polish. The supreme polish is enhanced by the Samsung logo along with sparkly lens. When one observes the camera’s top there is a power button, zoom rocker, microphone and tiny speaker. The qualities of the ST66 gets more interesting on further dissection of the features, the rear adopts the same colour theme as the front. There is a 2.7-inch LCD monitor. The control panel has a fascinating arrangement as observed in many standard digital cameras. Browse through the top there is the Menu and Mode buttons and a 5-way D-pad, the D-pad is an excellent source to easily access the info display, self-timer, macro and flash. The camera is built in a novel manner to actually provide shortcuts to the various modes. When one cruises to the bottom there are Playback and Function(Fn) buttons. There is a channel at the bottom to house the battery and memory card. The camera is of HD, 5x, 16.1 megapixel type with a range of amazing optics. The lens in the ST66 is of wide dimension at 25mm which can extend to 125mm, which is a powerful zoom of 5x. The largest aperture is of F2.5 type which can capture shots even in dim light. The focal length of the largest aperture varies from F2.8 to F3.5. The camera has interesting and efficient functions to capture images and acoustics. The Menu function enables the person to position the camera to obtain proper functioning of sound, time, and date setting, language including Hindi, brightness intensity and many others. When you observed the functions of the Shooting tab, one can gather shooting functions that can be controlled immediately while shooting by just pressing the Fn button, which displays information on photo size, quality, EV, ISO, white balance, smart filter, face detection, metering, drive mode and DIS. Using the Smart Auto mode, one can set the photo size and scene presets, focus area and Digital Image Stabilisation (DIS). The ST66 has the incredible capacity to record videos at 720p with dynamic zoom while shooting videos. For video recording, the white balance, EV and metering are slightly reduced. The Samsung ST66 is a representation of a range of features in a small piece. This camera can be easier to handle with its light weight; moreover the zoom capacity is efficient, even for shooting purposes the camera is useful.

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