Samsung introduces Bluetooth-based LED Smart Bulb to compete with LG’s Smart Lamp

“Samsung Smart Bulbs can be controlled over Bluetooth and offer 10 years of life”

A few days back, LG introduced a new line of remote-controlled smart bulbs. Now its biggest competitor Samsung has also launched its own line of smart light bulbs. LG’s smart bulb connects to your smartphone or tablet over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, but in contrast, Samsung Smart Bulbs only work over Bluetooth.

Samsung says that users can control upto 64 Smart Bulbs using a dedicated app over Bluetooth, without any additional equipment or set-ups. Brightness of these bulbs can be dimmed down to 10 percent. The Samsung Smart Bulbs can last upto 15,000 hours or upto 10 years on normal usage. If you want to automate your home with these bulbs, you will need to install a ZigBee Bluetooth hub. There is no information if Samsung is going to include it in the package or users will have to buy it separately. Samsung states that its Smart Bulb has been awarded a Design Plus award by iF design. Including the Smart Bulbs, Samsung will also introduce a range of LED lamp solutions at the Light + Building 2014 trade fair on March 30th in Germany. There are no details about the pricing or release date of the Samsung Smart Bulbs at the moment. However, since it ditches Wi-Fi connectivity, we expect it to be priced below the $32 LG Smart Lamp.
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