Samsung reconsiders Android icecream sandwich upgrade on first gen Galaxy devices

Samsung officially made an announcement that Android icecream sandwich version would not be rolled out to first generation galaxy devices such as Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Tab citing the lack of enough hardware to support the demands of the OS+touchwiz UI. When the news broke out, there was a major outcry among the affected device owners. How can a device with similar hardware configuration such as Galaxy Nexus S can get icecream sandwich upgrade while Galaxy S cannot?

Looks like the outcry has become too loud for Samsung to bear. Samsung is now looking for ways to roll out Android 4.0 icecream sandwich to the first generation devices! However, the roll-out would be taken up only after the roll-out is completed for other devices that were launched later. So, the very news that Samsung is investigating ways to tackle this issue is reason enough for the device owners to rejoice!

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