Samsung promises low-cost Smartphones under $150

Samsung is having a dream run in the mobile handset market and Nokia is having a nightmare. What a contrasting world! Just days ago, Nokia announced that it has sold 16.7 million smartphones for the second quarter 2011. Apple sold 20.3 million Smartphones during the same period. This is the first time, that Apple has officially taken over Nokia in terms of smartphone shipment worldwide. Samsung seems to think even ahead. Their second quarter smartphone shipment is estimated to fall somewhere between 18 million and 21 million and most likely Samsung might have beaten Apple in terms of worldwide shipment. Even if it did not, looks like samsung will overtake apple in third quarter 2011! The year 2011 and beyond will be remembered for the battle between Samsung and Apple.


JK Shin, President of Samsung’s mobile division confirmed that Samsung will more likely sell 300 million mobile phones including 60 million smartphones by the end of the year 2011. During the year 2010, Samsung had sold 280 million mobile phones including 25 million Smartphones. It’s a 140% jump year on year for smartphones! He also put things in perspective when he said

For the first time, Samsung’s cell phone sales will top 300 million this year. It is a very meaningful and important event. To meet the goal, Samsung should manufacture and sell 1 million phones on a daily average and secure components for 1 million handsets every day, which isn’t an easy task.

It’s true, the dominance over smartphones will be established by the player who can overcome the mobile components capacity constraints while all other factors remain same. 1 million handsets a day! That’s 11.5 phones sold every second!

Here comes the interesting part. Samsung is just beginning the game. They will be unleashing series of smartphones and products on a regular interval. To begin with, they would be unveiling new smartphones powered by Bada OS and Windows 7 OS during the september trade show in Berlin. Samsung is pledging to bring low-cost smartphones under $150 by the end of 2011. Micromax beware! You have limited time period to fix any chinks in your armour before Samsung comes after your A70 success 🙂

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