Samsung offers further upgrades for Exynos

Samsung has further strengthened its security measures in order to fix the Exynos issue. The Exynos issue caused the users personal data to be leaked and was a major concern for Samsung smartphone users. Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer and therefore the number of users who could get affected due to this security glitch is huge. The Exynos error helped an external authority to get access to a particular user’s personal data. The XDA had already found a fix for this issue. With this new upgrade for this Exynos issue the smartphones will also have higher protection against any further potential data leakage threats. There were also rumors about the S-Note user’s data causing a potential security threat. The data file could be accessed on a rooted device as well. Samsung said that the new update would also help in dealing with the sudden death problem in its smartphones. Samsung has already offered an update to deal with the data compromise threat on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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