Samsung Nexus S – Some Facts you must know!

Samsung Nexus S launch well-timed with Google Android Gingerbread launch has produced super buzz! Most of the people are crazy about the product..! But not everyone..checkout some facts about Nexus S before you make your decision to purchase it. 1. No microSD Slot. Yes, strange but true. Samsung Nexus S does not have SD slot and therefore would not support any form of memory expansion..! Fortunately, the devices comes pre-built with a 16 Gig memory. But the real question is how many people see this as a deal breaker? Looks like quite a few think so..! One of the arguments put forward in favour of android fans was the memory expandability..Sad that android supports memory expansion but the nexus S chose not to utilize it..official reasons awaited! 2. No HD Recording. Duh! The device is capable of HD playback @720p (30fps). But Nexus S cannot record High Definition Videos. The best it can record is D1 quality videos. HD has a minimum resolution of (1024×720) while D1 has a resolution of (720×480). This limitation might have been imposed due to the choice of 5MP Camera? Not sure, but it’s a downer. 3. No ARM A9 Chipset. Nexus S is powered by A8 and is not a dual-core processor. Given that Gingerbread is superior and is designed with tablets in mind, google should have opted for a dual-core processor to showcase the os. The industry almost came to a unofficial conclusion that Nexus S would have A9. 4. No HSPA+. Given that Nexus S is launching this late in the mobile handset evolution, the device should have built with the 4G capability in the form of HSPA+. But sadly no…! 5. Google Nexus for built from the scratch by HTC. But Samsung Nexus S is built on top of the Samsung Galaxy S design and assembly. So, one would have expected some features of Galaxy S to be transferred to Nexus S. But no! Nexus S does not have Bluetooth 3.0 6. Huge Pricing difference. Samsung Nexus S is officially priced at 529$ in US but it is priced at £549 (which works out to 862$). The price difference for different geography is huge! 7. Google wanted this device to be named as “Nexus Two”. But Samsung did not like to be part of ‘second’ in series. So they have proposed to name it as “Nexus S”. 8. Nexus S comes with a clean install of Android Gingerbread OS. Generally, manufacturers customize the user interface and add layers on top of the core Operating system. Coming with clean install allows Nexus S to receive updates to the OS as soon as it happens also it allows users to experience slew of google apps with native touch! 9. Nexus S will be available unlocked for purchase. So international travels will benefit lot from this as the phone will not be locked with one particular operator! Read more:

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