Samsung may have soured on 7-inch Tablets

Samsung tapped into the 7 inch tablet segment by bringing out the original Galaxy Tab two years ago. Samsung’s image is so strongly fixed with the 7 inch tab, that its attempt to deviate from this and focus more on the 10 inch version, doesn’t seem to be one that will have its way. The Company however wants to let go of these 7 inch devices for now. samsGALAXYtab2_7_ SamMobile, which has given us more than reliable news from Samsung have stated that the Company has decided to stash away plans of bringing out the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0. Another source, called DigiTimes that may not have strong roots with Samsung, stated that the 7-inch tablet is still in the running, however, SamMobile countered this information reporting that Samsung may not go forth with releasing this product and may instead set its focus on  8-inch and 10-inch tablets instead. Samsung is however expected to release formal announcement of new launches which will include an 8-inch Galaxy Note. 7 inch tablets aren’t fairing well in today’s times save a few like Google’s Nexus 7, Barnes & Noble’s Nook HD and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD. The said Companies of the popular 7 inches have their own apps and content, so sharing profit in terms of hardware components isn’t much to lose. And with this, they’ve inadvertently managed to limit the costs of these tablets. So Samsung has a lot to live up to, and has to come up with something that will recapture its prominence. Perhaps by decreasing its prices, with decent specifications at the same time will help. This might be hard to do, and Samsung has always ended up increasing their sale price to fit in the incredible specifications. Therefore, it makes sense that Samsung is trudging a different path along the way of an 8-inch Galaxy Note. This will make it superior to other 7 inch tablets and will change kind of competition its facing and would even enter the field with Apple’s iPad mini. The new 8 inch will have neat and unique features like a built-in stylus and also support for windowed apps. With news of the Galaxy Note 10.1 underway, it becomes more clear that the 8 inch will be an iPad mini competitor in terms of price too. Whatever be the case, the close of Samsung’s 7 inch tablets make us nostalgic even before it has officially been announced. The original Galaxy Tab started It all and made everyone get enthralled with smaller smart devices. They have immense capabilities like gaming, typing and reading. 7 inch tablets cannot be said to have lost its ground, for their demand can never wane given its uses. 8 inch tablets still pose a problem where portability is concerned. Samsung is still looking to keep the Galaxy Tab 2 going till it fades out on its own owing to consumer demand decline. And to keep it going a red version is promised to be available soon.

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